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New Zealand's economy relies heavily on overseas trade. Annual merchandise exports for the year ended May 2009 were valued at $4.0 billion.

New Zealand's main export commodities are petroleum and products, and passenger motor cars which accounted for more than 60 percent of the fall in total imports.
80 percent of the increase in exports were to China.

Trade statistics, which measure the value and quantity of merchandise exported and imported, are compiled by Statistics New Zealand from data entries lodged with the New Zealand Customs Service by exporters, importers and their agents.

Students could print the Let's trade activity to read through and circle the answers. The links on the activity page will take them to tables on the Statistics New Zealand website to help find the answers.

1 - a
2 - b
3 - b
4 - c
5 - b
6 - c
7 - Your choice but fuel, medical supplies and pharmaceutical products are important.
8 - Mechanical machinery and equipment (84) and electrical machinery and equipment (85).
9 - a
10 - a